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The TBO Training Portal

No more studying from PDFs — we’ve built dozens of hours of interactive 4K content, with several modules from the exact lessons we give in The Banking Offer training program available completely for free.

Take assessments in the Practice Plaza to test your knowledge on all technical concepts for investment banking interviews, and see where you rank amongst other students in your class!

Download free templates to get you started on all recruiting shortcuts, from our data-driven networking tracker to our resume & cover letter guide.

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    Course Modules in the Free Training Platform

    Recruiting Shortcuts from Industry Insiders
    • Investment Banking 101
    • Breaking Down the Recruiting Process
    • The Interview Selection Process at Top Banks
    • Getting Early Wins on Your Resume
    • Crafting Your Story
    Rapid Technical Mastery
    • Financial modelling basics and a framework for mastering technical interviews.
    • Valuation accelerated mastery for IB interviews, including intrinsic and extrinsic valuation techniques
    • Ranked Comprehension Quizzes
    Free Downloadable Resources
    • Complete Resume and Cover Letter Guide
    • The Midtown Manual: Building Credibility & Memorability through Networking in 20 days

    Comprehensive Curriculum Covering Every Aspect of Getting Offers & Making the Most of Them

    We’ve teamed up with bankers, universities, recruiting teams to create the leading online training platform for undergraduate students pursuing careers on Wall Street

    Free Personalized Contact List of 100 Bankers

    Get Your TBO 100 Networking Notables Today!

    Searching for contacts to network with can be a pain, with LinkedIn requiring premium subscriptions for viewing more than 10 profiles outside of your network or the purchase of InMail credits to reach out to professionals via DM.

    We’ll take this legwork off your plate and give you a huge headstart over your peers by providing a personalized contact list of 100 professionals selected using our proprietary databases of industry insiders & prioritized based on who is the most likely to respond to your emails.

    Just submit your resume using the link below & we will use our AI tools to curate a networking contact list with bankers that have the most overlap with your profile – and, therefore, the highest level of empathy, and the lowest threshold of actionability when your name hits their inbox.
    Get Your TBO 100 Networking Notables within 72 Hours.

    Get 100 Networking Notables

    3X Higher Response Rates

    Email vs. LinkedIn Messages

    3X Higher Response Rates

    Junior Bankers vs. Senior Bankers

    5X Higher Response Rates

    Shared Backgrounds, especially alma matters

    The Free TBO Banker Personality Quiz

    Is investment banking a good fit for your personality type? What kind of opportunities on Wall Street make the most sense for you? Find out today with our proprietary 10 minute assessment!

    You’re so early in your college journey, and already have to make so many important career decisions! So we designed this free quiz to help you understand what career paths in finance could be the most suitable for you.

    Just be yourself and answer each question honestly over the next several minutes. Then, let our proprietary research on personality types & career progression work its magic.

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    By the end of our program, you will have:

    • 1.7x more networking calls and referrals for interviews than the average student — with half as much work.

    • 1,4x more job applications submitted for roles accross Wall Street — all done for you. Kill the right when applications open part.

    • A compelling story that gets bankers invested in your success & wins more recommendations.

    • The exact questions & answers for upcoming interviews with top banks from our insider network.

    • A powerful network of peers & mentors that will be at your side through recruiting, the internship, and full time.

    Schedule a call with a mentor or alumni to learn more about our program & apply for a place in our community

    Our team of insiders will share exactly how we win for our students – and what approach we would take to help you reach your goals. If we believe you would be valuable addition to The Banking Offer community, we’ll invite you to apply & get started with onboarding within 24 hours.

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    Our Unbeatable Win-Win Guarantee

    • We don’t believe finances should hold you back from getting the support you need to land your dream job, and our students don’t have to pay for the program until after they begin earning income from their new jobs.
    • Our income share agreement ensures that students always pay a fair price based on the outcome they achieve. We only charge a small % of your first-year base salary if you’re able to land a top role in Finance. The better the job we help students land, the more we can both earn, always keeping incentives aligned.
    • If we don’t help you land a job that is significantly better than your peers with a similar student profile, we won’t charge you a cent for being a part of the program.