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Guaranteed Investment Banking Offers for Undergraduate Students

We place undergraduate students from U.S. schools into
internships & full-time roles in investment banking.
If you don’t land an offer, we don’t get paid.

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Not a Target School? Not a Problem.

Our students have gone from a wide range of schools to top banks on Wall Street

Our mission is to ensure our students land the highest paying and most prestigious roles on Wall Street

No matter if you attend a top Ivy League school or a small state school. With the help our elite coaching program, powerful AI tools, and established network at the pinnacle of finance, we will streamline & accelerate your path from undergrad to Wall Street — guaranteed.

The highest success rate of any Wall Street coaching program. Students only pay after we successfully land them a top job.

A combination of coaching, network, and AI tools that you won’t find anywhere else

Organized Curriculum for Your Goals

Unlimited 1:1 Mentorship

Comprehensive Training Portal

AI Automated Recruiting

Anti-Screening Architecture

Exclusive Community Access

Become a Top 1% Applicant

We know undergraduate recruiting better than anyone — and we deliver exceptional results for our students. You’ll know exactly what to work on each week & pace yourself through the recruiting process, from landing stepping-stone internships, to networking with bankers, or studying for interviews.

One-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to Investment Banking recruiting, and we supplement our group programming with unlimited 1:1 mentorship. Our mentors are some of the most accomplished bankers on Wall Street — and they’re here whenever you need them. From 1:1 advice calls, to mock interviews, to feedback on application materials, when we say unlimited 1:1 mentorship, we mean it!

Students will be assigned weekly self-study objectives, recruiting assignments, & learning assessments that are managed primarily through the TBO Training Platform.

In addition, students are invited to spend more time with the TBO Training Platform, and other premium resources we will provide to them at the beginning of the program to supplement their mandatory training.

We leverage proprietary tools that we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop to help you streamline the most mundane parts of the recruiting process. By freeing up your time to maintain your grades, student club commitments, and spend time with your mentor perfecting your interview prep, you gain an immense time advantage of your competition.

Tired of getting ghosted on your job applications?

With hundreds of thousands of applications for top roles on Wall Street each year, banks have deployed powerful AI tools such as HireVue and Resume Screeners to filter out the majority of candidates and make the application pile more manageable.

We employ our own AI tools to make sure that students are coming out on top of these filtering processes, ensuring your application materials have the exact keywords, storylines, and tone that screeners are using today.

Our group training curriculum accelerates student mastery of the recruiting process with an engaging curriculum, while helping you build meaningful connections.

  • 1. In-Person networking events & fun social activities in New York City.
  • 2. Interactive workshops with incredible guest speakers.
  • 3. Group competitions and prizes like gift cards, MSG tickets, and more!
  • 4. Teams with mentors to keep you accountable & provide you a support system.

Our curriculum covers every aspect of investment banking recruiting to ensure our students receive offers during their sophomore spring semester.

  • 1. End-to-End Application preparation including Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn.
  • 2. Elite Networking Process including access to our proprietary strategies, tools, & network.
  • 3. Fast-tracked comprehension over all IB and interview concepts, from behavioral to technical.
  • 4. Negotiating with offers & interview timelines, and dominating the summer internship.

Over 90% of our students receive offers after completing the curriculum in the Sophomore Spark.


You only pay after you land your job on Wall Street

We believe that affordability and finance should never get in the way of landing your dream job.


If you’re hungry for success, and willing to put in the work with your mentors, we have a spot for you in our coaching program.

Seats remaining in our Spring cohort

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let us help you

You’ve got one shot to use undergrad as a launchpad for your dream job

The competition is stiffer than ever before, and everyone has access to the same interview guides and free content on YouTube. This means there is no margin for error during the undergraduate recruiting process, notorious for 10% acceptance rates or lower across the top roles in finance.

As a result, we’ve seen more applications each year for The Banking Offer’s coaching program to guide students through the recruiting process. We’ve unlocked success for our students by allowing them to learn from a network of experienced bankers and recruiters at top firms on Wall Street.

This unique assembly of professionals, deeply embedded in the industry’s pulse, offers a strategic advantage. They’re not just informed insiders; they are committed mentors, readily available to address questions with tailored advice, ensuring swift and decisive guidance. It’s this level of dedication and access, paired with tools that free up dozens of hours of time, that equips our students to turn the daunting recruitment landscape into a navigable journey towards success.

Putting our team’s top finance professionals and recruiters in your corner will dramatically accelerate your success against other applicants

What Makes The Banking Offer Better

Success-Based Pricing

  • Innovative pricing model that aligns our compensation with your success, ensuring we’re fully invested in helping you land the best offer possible. Even if it isn’t the first offer – we will continue coaching until you land a role at the top of your potential.
  • Flexible payment options beginning only after you start your new role, providing a financially responsible path to elite coaching.

Established Community

  • Exclusive access to a rapidly growing alumni network from top investment banks, providing a robust support system.
  • Opportunities for direct engagement through private networking chats with industry insiders and mentors.
  • In-person networking events & offer celebrations with alumni network during NYC-based internships.

Elite Mentorship

  • Personalized guidance from experienced investment bankers and recruiters at leading firms, offering a wealth of industry knowledge.
  • 24/7 mentor availability to ensure you have support whenever needed, enhancing your preparedness and response time.
  • Unlimited technical & behavioral mock interviews.

Powerful AI Tools

  • Advanced AI tools streamline finding contacts, networking, and follow-up communications, allowing for efficient interaction with industry professionals.
  • Sophisticated anti-screening assessments to ensure your resumes, HireVues, and essays make it past the initial selection phase.

Insider Recruiting Tactics

  • A comprehensive library of real interview questions asked by top banks and buy-side firms, including from the current cycle.
  • Access to proven scripts for networking and follow-up communications, ensuring you make a lasting impression.
  • Data-driven strategies backed by real student examples across networking & interviews.

End-to-End Career Development

  • Tailored recruiting gameplans and timelines, crafted to fit your unique career aspirations and profile.
  • A thorough financial modeling course designed for practical internship preparation.
  • Ongoing mentorship & guided programming through internships, group placement, and full-time roles.

Privacy & Personalization

  • A commitment to maintaining your privacy and anonymity throughout the recruiting process if desired.
  • End-to-end revamp of application materials, including unlimited revisions for resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles.

Pipeline of Steppingstone Experiences

  • A strategic selection of steppingstone internships to rapidly build your credibility within the investment banking sector.
  • Insider information on application timelines for all top 40 firms, giving you a competitive edge in planning your applications.
You have to believe it’s possible and believe in yourself. Because after you’ve decided what you want, you have to believe it’s possible, and possible for you, not just for other people. Then you need to seek out models, mentors, and coaches. Follow the guidance of those that have achieved the results you’re seeking.

Jack Canfield

Successful students from all backgrounds. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

No matter what your background is, we’ve helped students just like you break into investment banking before. Our 1-on-1 mentorship, comprehensive training platform, and powerful AI tools give our students a tremendous edge over the competition.

Seats remaining in our Spring cohort

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Client Success Stories

Aneri Vakil

From Emory University straight to Centerview Partners

Dafe Uvieghara

Banker at Evercore who started at Boston College.

Sarah Cheah

Went from Babson College straight to Ares

Shreya Mohandas

From Emory University straight to Houlihan Lokey

Luke LeLay

Got his dream job at Bank of America

Arsh Shah

Went from NYU to Guggenheim Partners.

Joshua Park

Landed a dream IB internship at Nomura.

Alessia Russo

Started at Columbia, now heading to Evercore.

Palak Sheth

From Indiana University straight to Jefferies

David Gibbons

Got a dream internship at Houlihan Lokey

Sophie Krum

From University of Michigan straight to Nomura Investment Banking

Jun-Hong Chen

From Boston College to Aeris Partners.

Isabel Paine

From Princeton straight to Goldman Sachs.

Jose Torres

Jose’s success story of getting a job at Evercore

Jaime Matos

From Brown University straight to Guggenheim Partners

Noa Kimura

From NYU straight to Nomura.

Tiffany Chen

From Baruch College straight to JP Morgan

Herman Wan

Landed an investment banking offer at Citi.

Sophia Green

From Rutgers University directly to Mizuho.

Carlos Zaldivar

From SMU straight to Credit Suisse

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    A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself. I think mentors are important and I don't think anybody makes it in the world without some form of mentorship. Nobody makes it alone. Nobody has made it alone.

    Oprah Winfrey

    Seats remaining in our Spring cohort

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    Meet the founders & head coaches at The Banking Offer

    We’re a team of friends that grew up together in Jersey City, NJ, playing baseball, studying together & daydreaming about working in the skyline of New York City right across the Hudson River.

    After years of experience at top banks, private equity companies, and fast-growing technology companies, we’ve helped over 400 students follow in our footsteps, leveraging our experiences to build a product & system that helps our students win over 90% of the time.

    Now we’ve created a team of 20+ elite mentors from similar backgrounds to help more students follow in our footsteps, and build a network in finance that will help us all for decades to come.

    Faizan Javed

    Head of Operations

    Akash Desai

    Head of Mentorship

    Christopher Garzon

    Head of Product & Development

    We’ve Got Your Back

    No more studying from PDFs — we’ve built 100s of hours of interactive 4K content, with several modules from the exact lessons we give in The Banking Offer Training Program available completely for free.

    Take assessments in the Practice Plaza to test your knowledge on all technical concepts for investment banking interviews, and see where you rank amongst other students in your class!

    Searching for contacts to network with can be a pain, with LinkedIn requiring premium subscriptions for viewing more than 10 profiles outside of your network or the purchase of InMail credits to reach out to professionals via DM.

    We’ll take this legwork off your plate and give you a huge headstart over your peers by providing a personalized contact list of 100 professionals selected using our proprietary databases of industry insiders & prioritized based on who is the most likely to respond to your emails.

    You’re so early in your college journey, and already have to make so many important career decisions! So we designed this free quiz to help you understand what career paths in finance could be the most suitable for you.

    Just be yourself and answer each question honestly over the next several minutes. Then, let our proprietary research on personality types & career progression work its magic.

    Want to chat with our team to get a personalized recruiting game plan so that you can secure a top investment banking offer?

    Our coaches have worked with hundreds of students in the past, and offer one free consultation for each student every semester. Sign up for an invaluable conversation with an industry insider that will make sure you’ve got your blind spots covered & help you hone in on the opportunities best suited for your profile.

    Let’s get through this together. How can
    we help?

    Free Recruiting & Interview Training Platform

    Free TBO 100 Networking Notables

    Free TBO Banker Personality Quiz

    Free Personalized Recruiting Assessment

    Seats remaining in our Spring cohort

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