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The Banking Offer

Our mission is to ensure our students land the highest salary & most prestigious jobs on Wall Street.

No matter if you attend a top Ivy League school or a small state school. With the help our elite coaching program, powerful AI tools, and established network at the pinnacle of finance, we will streamline & accelerate your path from undergrad to Wall Street – guaranteed.

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Let’s Win Together

Our students will go on to do incredible things — far more incredible than we ever could — and we take immense pride in helping them reach their potential & kickstart their careers at the pinnacle of finance.

The cost of our program is a fraction compared to the massive improvement in career trajectory we enable for our students. The real value comes years down the line, from building a premier network of elite finance professionals that will help each other through their careers. This is a thank you to all the students that have been the source of innovation, referrals, and mentorship that drives our whole community forward.

It is a tremendous honor to be a part of your journey, and we will do whatever it takes to help you win!

We Reinvest 100% of Our Revenue into Our Students

All of our profits since 2020 been reinvested to building better tools, more content, and hosting events to enable our community to succeed


Average earnings first year out of college

47 Days

Average time to receiving first offer on Wall Street


Successful students with offers since 2020


Percent of student that receive elite offers on Wall Street


Cost of enrolling in our training program

60 hours

Of work needed to succeed — thanks to AI tools that apply to jobs on network on your behalf

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    Meet the founders & head coaches at The Banking Offer

    We’re a team of friends that grew up together in Jersey City, NJ, playing baseball, studying together & daydreaming about working in the skyline of New York City right across the Hudson River.

    After years of experience at top banks, private equity companies, and fast-growing technology companies, we’ve helped over 400 students follow in our footsteps, leveraging our experiences to build a product & system that helps our students win over 90% of the time.

    Now we’ve created a team of 20+ elite mentors from similar backgrounds to help more students follow in our footsteps, and build a network in finance that will help us all for decades to come.

    Faizan Javed

    Head of Operations

    Akash Desai

    Head of Mentorship

    Christopher Garzon

    Head of Product & Development

    The Best Guarantee in the Coaching Industry

    We are so confident that we will help you land a job in investment banking, that we only charge students after they start getting paid from their top jobs on Wall Street.

    We guarantee we’ll help you for as long as you need, answer as many questions as you want, and deploy our premium AI solutions to help you land the best job possible. Because if you don’t win, we don’t win. It’s as simple as that.

    There’s only 2 outcomes

    90% of our students

    You get an elite offer on Wall Street, make at least 3X more than what your friends are making right out of school, and enjoy amazing exit opportunities for the rest of your life.

    10% of our students

    You pay $0 for access to 30+ hours of 1-on-1 career coaching, full lifetime access to our comprehensive training portal, networking automations, and job applications service, and gain access to a network of elite professionals.

    How can we guarantee these results?

    • Our mentorship program is hands-on and dedicated to taking work off your plate. Unlimited meetings & feedback, on demand, gives you the help you need 24/7 through recruiting with mentors that have succeeded 100s of times for other students. We don’t just guide you through recruiting – we go through every step WITH you.
    • Our AI tools take 50+ hours of effort off of your plate so you can focus on studying for interviews, getting feedback from mentors, and participating in mock interviews. Finding bankers, emailing them, and applying to jobs – let the competition waste their time on these mundane tasks while we automate these processes for you.
    • Our rapidly growing network of successful students and mentors is here to streamline your path to success. Know the interview questions before they come out with our industry insiders, and get exclusive access to professionals that were in your exact shoes not long ago.

    Why Investment Banking?

    Whether you want to grow into a managing director, or leave after your first few years as an analyst, there is no career that opens more doors for you than Investment Banking.

    Earn in the Top 1%

    Build a Powerful Network

    Life-Changing Experiences

    Unlock Every Career Path


    Average starting salary for IB analysts (Class of 2020), ranking in the 99th percentile.



    Average starting salary for all graduates (Class of 2020).

    Whether you want to pay down your college debt, build a real estate empire, or start a company one day, give yourself more options by building wealth early in life.

    Financial independence is about having more choices.

    — Robert Kiyosaki

    Within 2 years, you’ll have built a lifelong network with some of the most powerful & inspiring people in the business world.

    Your Clients

    CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 Companies, coming to you with their most urgent problems.

    Your Managers

    Some of the most accomplished & highest paid businesspeople in the world.

    Your Fellow Analysts

    The smartest & most ambitious students across the U.S.

    If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has already been there before.

    — J Loren Norris

    There is no career with the same lightspeed pace as investment banking, whether you’re:

    Sitting courtside at MSG with clients.

    Flying in private jets during a roadshow.

    Or wrapping up a board deck at 3 am.

    In the bright lights of New York City, “Work Hard Play Hard” takes on a whole new meaning – and your personal & professional growth is unmatched.

    Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.

    — Charles M. Schulz

    Investment banking can be intense, but no first job opens more doors for you after only 2 years of experience.

    Your analyst years in IB will help you win positions over other candidates with top MBA degrees or several years more work experience.

    Private Equity & Hedge Funds

    Venture Capital & Entrepreneurship

    Big Tech

    Someone is sitting in the shade today because they planted a tree a long time ago.

    — Warren Buffett

    Unlock the Highest Earning Potential

    Investment banks are notable for their selectivity and high salaries and we are here to make sure you will be the one bringing this in next year!